Okay guys I know that I'm really picky, but bear with me. I need a guitar with the following attributes:

Mahogany Body
Original Floyd Rose
24 Fret Neck

Pickups don't matter, I can change them. Also I'm looking for something that is somewhat pretty and good quality (not $499.99 on music123.com), but without costing me several thousand bucks!

I tried Warmoth.com but they only do 22 Fret Necks.
I like the Schecter Synyster Custom, but that doesnt come out for a while and I'd rather not get someone else's signature guitar.

I know this is hard but if anyone can find something plz let me know.
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Check out Jacksons. I think some of them have mahogany bodies.

Schecter C-1's are mahogany, have 24 frets and you can get them with Floyd's.

Ibanez make a lot of great guitars. They make their own locking trems, too, which are equal, if not, better than some floyd roses.

You can tell them exactly what you want. And they build it for you
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I couldnt find anything with mahogany body but here ya go, i think these are all alder body with maple top. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitar/navigation?N=100001+306241+4294967211+4294966835+4294966815+15+200998&page=1
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ESP LTD MH-400, and when needed swap the LFR for an OFR. But they may make 1000 series that come with OFR stock. A full ESP will probably be outta your price range.
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does the RR1 not have an OFR?

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Caparison Dellinger not OFR but Schaller which is just as good and easier to hit flutters on it. Schecter Hellraiser C1 FR as well, Dean Dimebag Series as well.