It was the same thing over and over...
and over,
and over again.

Then the solo hit, which I thought sounded good.
But then it was back to being repeated over and over and over.

In the best description I can manage.... I listened to it, but didn't really listen. It's one of those songs that just goes to the background, and you forget it's playing... What I "heard" was the intro, the next line, the solo, the line after the solo, and the very last line. The rest of the song just "wasn't there". Catchy riff, but in my opinion, the song repeated itself way too much.

Buuuut, that's just me.
i agree, its really repetitive, and the solo just doesn't sound very well constructed because a lot of the notes just don't seem to sound right with the powerchords your playing, i liked the little outro you had though, that was kinda cool