Hey there, Soon I am hoping to be buying these two effects pedals, and I wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with them. Could anyone tell me how they sound, if they are easy to use, are they durable etc. As much info as possible is appreciated. Also would I be better off with a different morley wah?
I have a big muff usa, its a very good pedal and its easy to use. It goes best with tube amps and since I dont have one, Im not getting the full experience, but its a good pedal, for pretty much any type of music.
I know, first hand that the big muff is GREAT! if you wanna know how it sounds, listet to queens of the stone age, they use muffs a lot. its got a very crunchy sound
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I've got the Morley Power Wah, and the BigMuffPi USA model.
very good pedals both of them. very durable, I've never had a problem with them
although...I will tell you that the BMP isnt really the best distortion you can get. at least not on bass...it IS a very awesome pedal though.

just make sure you set it all up right and im sure you wont have a problem with it.

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i have them both. well, the morley im not exactly sure which model it is, but i think its the double wah. very good pedals, you wont regret it.
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