Well that time has come, I've made enough money and I think I'm going to get myself a guitar pickup. Unfortunitly, I don't play with electric insturments very much, or even acoustic electric, so I need some help.

I am kind of looking for the sound on my guitar you'd hear were you listening to John Butler, just as a base for anyone who is willing to help me out.

What I've been seeing when I'm looking are types that go into the sound hole, and there seem to be a bunch of different types. Then it looks like there are some that you build into your guitar, which seem to only come in one type.

My question is, what are the types of soundhole pickups, how do they sound different and should I get one of these or a built in one??

go to Fenders official web site they have tons of the stupid things every were!!
they will tell u different types and a whole buch of specs on them
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I'll give it a look, but I'm also not just looking for specs. I'm asking for people's personal opinions.

Edit: It also looks like Fedner only makes one type of acoustic pick up...I may just be looking in the wrong place though.
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Well, do you want it to be permanent or reversible?

I'll adjust my answer accordingly.

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I went down and talked to the guys at guitar center and tried a few things out, I've got it all covered now. Got a small Crate Acoustic amp (all I could afford I'm afraid) and a sound hole pickup. Thanks guys.