ive tried one at a store because the stupid clerk hooked me up with the guitar i wanted to test, and its horrible
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i have one it is pretty cool gets good tone. i love it. its perfect for like bedroom use.

do you have a sepeate amp and speakers wit it?
They sound like crap, that's all you need to know.
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i have one > it is an old one ~bought it in 1985~ it's a lead 12. everyone on here has a bad opinion on them . i like mine, it is a good practice amp. with the right pedals you can get a good tone !
i think it's a waste. it makes you look like a little kid pretending your all tough with your stack..even tho it's like 4 feet tall..haha kidding (sorta)

im not going to be a person who's saying they suck dont get one, but i wouldn't purchase one, but hey if you like it go play it and see what happens, i've played one and wasn't to impressed.