So yeah, I'm almost definitely getting this guitar, in the very near future. I've looked into it greatly and I just love everything about it, especially the look. I've tried it out and it's wicked.


My question is, will the active pickups sounds like total trash on my practice amp I have at home (Peavey Rage 158). I use the large amps at school frequently but I currently only have a practice amp at home (which should also change soon).

I ask this because perhaps the high output would just be too much for it maybe? I don't know, I'm not very savvy. I'm not expecting it to sound amazing on it because the amp itself accounts for most of the sound (and my effects), but will I be able to get a good sound at all? The effects I'm using are 2 delays, a boss EQ, boss metal disto and a Yamaha multi-effect.

Also, any other things I should know about it from people who have it/have tried it?

I did not make this thread for like 15 replies of people telling me how EMG has a shitty cleans. Please only respond if you know that you're talking about.

The finish on that guitar is amazing I don't know a whole lot about them but I wouldn't get a hellraiser unless you play pretty much only metal because there are some schecters with better cleans and stuff
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I don't know what you're currently playing, but if the Schecter Hellraiser is a step up from that, then chances are it will sound better. That said I've played EMG pickups for some time and they really don't sound bad on anything. I mean as long as you're not expecting Fender type cleans, then you should be fine.. there's no reason for anyone to bash EMGs. I used to play a very similar guitar, an Ibanez SZ (mahogany body, EMG 81/85) and it sounded great through my Marshall 10 watt practice amp.
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It will be fine, once i took my microcube to try out this guys guitar with emgs and it didnt get overpowered and i really doubt pickups would overpower an amp.
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am, to be honest EMG's sound best on tube but thats not saying they wont sound bad. Im not too sure on the peavey, im not a fan of their trans-tube like.. But go for that guitar man, its really nice!!
it shouldnt sound to bad, but if you can spare the cash get the one with the floyd rose on it
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They won't sound THAT bad... you just won't get full EMG power.
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Yeah alright, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't get shitty scratchy feedbacky noises everytime i played.

And I'm still going to have my Squier for jazz band at school and other clean stuff i'll want to play (ut's not a bottom of the barrell Squier, it sounds decent).
yeah, you'll be fine IMO, they aren't going to make something sound ****tier. All they are is high output pickups, with a lot of clarity. If it sounded ok with the squire, it will sound fine with the Hellraiser. As for feedback, you will get virtually nothing because of the powered preamp. I really have to "try" to get feedback if I want it.
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It's a really nice guitar, but I'd suggest getting a better amp first. If you can't get a decent sound out of the amp with any guitar, this one won't be an exception. If you can, then I'm sure you can get a good sound with this guitar.