Greetings! Recently i went from a 140£ guitar to a 600 £ one and went from a Line 6 Spider II solid state amp ( i actually enjoyd it :P) to a Marshall TSL601 tube amp. I used a line 6 über metal pedal with my old amp and it worked well, but now i dont relly like the sound that it makes. Since a tube amp and an OD pedal is like a fist into the eye, then i want to buy a new one. Which ones would you recommend, that are good and have a high quality?
A maxon OD-9 for sure!!!! ibanez tubescreamers are good to but hte maxon blows um out of the water!
Buggers. I hate that we have such a limited choise here. I think that we have all of the Boss and DigiTech pedals, but i'm not sure about maxon or ibanez. And it takes like 30 days to get one. BTW, do you know of some service with reasonable prices that ship their merchandise to Europe ( Estonia )

EDIT: Listened to Maxon's samples and WOW, i'm impressed. Those tones were really good.
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Digitech Bad Monkey, great OD pedal. Not distorsion, not too heavy gain, but very versatile.
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^^Yea, it has some nice blues overdrive. I liked it a bit better than i liked my Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, but i bought the BD-2 before Bad Monkeys were around.
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DOD 250 is a great overdrive pedal, i use it on my fender tube amp and it sounds great. tried it on a marshall and a mesa boogie rect-o-verb and it sounded amazing on them too.
Check out the Vox cooltron range. I tried the Big Ben overdrive a few days ago and was blown away. It totally destroys a ts9 in every way.

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