I currently play a fender stratocaster with a frontman 15r amp. I have been playing for about 3 years and I am looking to upgrade the amp. I play mostly rock and classic rock. I only play in the living room in my house. I was thinking about getting the Vox Valvetronix AD15vt 15 watt amp. Will this be a noticeable upgrade over the frontman? Would it be worth getting the 30 watt version of the Valvetronix? (keep in mind it is just for playing in my house). Would you suggest any other room amps for around $200? Thanks for the help.
The Valvetronix is a good line to go with, especially for Rock and Classic Rock. It sounds decent, and is much better than your Frontman.

The only issues people have had with the line is a speaker issue with the 30watt model. I don't think many people care enough about the 15 watter to find out. So if you can manage with the stock speaker, I would get it.
Well... I'd save a bit more and look at an ad50vt. It has a better speaker, and will suffice if you join a band in the future. or if you ever get the chance to jam.

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What is the problem with the 30 watt speaker? Does it break quickly or does it sound bad or something? The 50 watt is out of my price range. Will the 30 watt sound better than the 15 watt at the volume that I will be playing at in my house? I don't ever turn my frontman up all the way. Thanks again.
My main question now is will the 15 watt be loud enough for my house or will the 30 watt be worth it for an extra $50?
Well, it depends on what volumes you play it at. I mean, the AD15VT got over my drummer fine (although, not as great sounding). If you're looking to blow your house down I would suggest a Crate Blue Voodoo, but if not, the AD15VT should suffice for now.
id say as stated get the 50 wat will help when you join a band to great choice def worth it i own the amp and its loud!
VOX AD50 VT+crappy "Fender" from COSTCO!=ok tone!
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Thanks again guys. I just don't have enough money for the 50 watt version now. Plus, I will be moving into a dorm in a year and won't really have room for a big amp. Here is what I'm trying to get at; My frontman now sounds bad at kind of high volumes. Will the 30 watt version sound "noticeably" better ($50 better) at the same sound level as the 15 version, even when the 15 watt is not turned up all the way? Or does the frontman just sound bad at high levels because it is a bad amp?
The 30 will sound better when you get to the high volume levels of the 15. For $50 more, just get the 30.