i know what the letters at the sides mean, they're which string/chord to use but what u dont know is what all the ------------ mean and what the numbers mean?
if it says 77
am i suppose to play something 77 times????


heres an example i wanna learn to play, how do i understand what its telling me, do i read down or accross and what the numbers mean??

please help

a 7 is the 7th fret so the first 7 will be played twice as there is tow 7's shown
Thanks guys thats really helpful
i just have one more confusion


on this example to i play the first line first then the second line
so 55553333
or do i play it downwards??
so 555775

You always read tabs going down, not across. Each line represents the strings on the guitar. The top line would be your 1st (or thinnest) string.
Yeah, read from left to right, with the top line being the thinnest string.
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For this tab you gave you play an Em shape barre chord on the 5th fret twice, an Asus2 shape barre chord on the 5th twice, an Asus2 shape barre chord on the third fret twice, and then an Em shape barre chord on the third fret twice.
The ------s are just to show that there is nothing on that string, or to separate notes. Sometimes it can mean a rest, but it's best just to listen to the track to check it out - some people tab differently.
77 means play the seventh fret twice. The only time tab like this can be a bit dubious is if you see something like ---12--- That should mean play the twelfth fret, but it could be that they meant to put ---1-2--- which would be play the first, and then the second.
You read across, from left to right, as this shows the order in which you play the notes. If there are notes which are vertically aligned, you play them at the same time.