My son decided it would be a good idea to pull the Volume and Tone knobs off my Jackson JS dinky and i have no idea of where to get some new ones.The guitar had been at my ex wifes house and i asked for it back this week and discovered she had left it in a spare room within the kids grasp

Anyway,can i just purchase them straight off **** or could anyone tell me which ones i need to buy.I know there are different types for different models/makes but i have no idea.I was going to buy a set of dimarzio ones,but didnt incase they were the wrong size.As most of you will know,the Jackson ones were chromed metal but im not really bothered if they are metal or plastic.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hmm...you can try contacting Jackson if you need the exact same ones, but I'm fairly sure any will fit, so just check how the slots look, and find ones that would match them at any guitar store.
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yeah i think most are pretty standard, ive seen knobs for strats and gibsons at my shop
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