I am in a skapunk band we play plenty of Operation Ivy like stuff. Influences from them, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, Suicide Machines.

I was just wondering if someone could help me with the Tim Armstrong Operation Ivy sound. As far as amp settings go. I play Stratocasters on a Triple Rectifier Mesa Boogey stack.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the settings were to get a sound exactly like that.
My settings are simple, bass, mid, treble, gain, and presence.

I love you. Thanx
i believe this belongs in "musician talk", not "gear and accessories". and truthfully, i can't help you
Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. I'll ask there too. Thanx for the suggestions.

Whats behind this sitting out in the sun story?

And Tim Armstrong always used Stratocasters in Operation Ivy.