hi , im looking to buy an amp for about £100 might go up two £150 not sure. anway looking for something which i can use to play rock , punk rock and indie and some other stuff. please help me! thanks

P.S i should probaly mention im 14.
i don't believe you'll get very much use out of that much money. cruise the local pawn shops and get a cheap combo with distortion
look at vox's the 30 watt one cant find what it's called ad30 i think is a good amp and in your price range
Look for a used Line 6 Spider II, those are nice amps for starters!
I got a Behringer V-Tone GM108, which costs around 50 Pounds.
The Behringer has 27 different sounds, with a lot of distortion...
Try it at your local shop!

Line 6 Spider II
Behringer V-Tone GM108
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Line 6 is a good starter amp because you get to try out a lot of decent effects, as well as a bunch of pretty good preset distortions. However, I'm not sure what you can afford at that budget, so it might be best to try to get something used that sounds good. If the distortion line of any amp sucks, you can just get a pedal for pretty cheap that'll work well, so worry about the clean tone most.
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If you're going for a clean tone, maybe the Ibanez Valbee or Epiphone Valve Junior?
Those are tube amps, which give a great sound!
If you want distortion, you can get a pedal for it.