Anyone else love them as much as me?

Check out their song "Crazy" pretty much anywhere. You'll fall in love with them.
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Tis a good song, is the album any good?

The album is great. I highly reccomend it. There are songs I think match the quality of "crazy".

I especially like "The Last Time". Cee-Lo Green has a great voice.
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I played with a band for a little while and we covered that song. It was hilarious cause we were alternative w/ a punk edge.
The Raconteurs did a cool cover of that song at Lollapalooza.
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I liked Crazy a lot and it's a favorite every time we hear it with my friends and I, but we listened to the rest of the album, and some of the tracks had some cool edges, but a lot of it was just too odd. Perhaps if I listened a couple more times I'd get the feel of it more and could appreciate it better.

Kinda curious how Jack White would sound with the new band playing that song.
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