k ive been looking at this guitar for a while and the guy at the store ordered it for me to check it out (cuz he had to get a new stock of guitar so he didnt mind :P) but i play almost all my songs that i play in drop D... is that a prob with this guitar??? cuz it has FR
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yeah but his is a floating tremolo bridge, it might be a little difficult to drop D that guitar, idk, i don't have a floyd rose, never have, just try it and if it doesn't work have a guy at a guitar shop so you how to set it up for like 30 dollars and then you'll know how to do it from then on
Yes, you can tune it to Drop D, but you'll have to reset your bridge everytime you do it, and everytime you tune back up.
Guitars with floating bridges are very frustrating to change strings/tunings on.

Reason is, when it comes from factory the springs on the tremolo are setup for standard tuning, so when you change the tuning on a string, it not only changes the other strings pitches, but it affects teh tension on the bridge unit.

So your tremolo bridge with dump or pop up. This can make it hard to tune, takes a while the first time you try to do it. You have to loosen the claw screws and such.

So to answer your question, it will tune to drop D, but it will be tiem consuming and hard to do if you've never done it before.