i have just messed about and recorded wish you were here by incubus.

here is the link


what do you think? if you crit mines, give me a link to your page and i will do the same for you
love this band, hope theres vocals

and theres not, atleast do a vocal melody or somethin man this is boring as hell, decent tone
im sorry lol. im not really confident with doing vocals. if i had to attempt it my voice would be too weak because im not confident with singing although i would love to be able to do it.
well if your not going to sing you should look to do some more interesting incubus songs, sick sad little world is really cool
yea that is a good song. im just messing about with a few backing tracks i have just now then im going to do some songs where i dont have the backing track. do you know of anywhere on the net which has incubus backing tracks? i have looked about guitarbt but they only have wish you were here and the warmth
I checked out your 21sec solo too, left a comment. The solo REALLY reminds me off Ozzy w/randy rhoads - Crazy Train solo.
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cool i never knew the 21 second solo had a crazy train vibe to it iv not listened to that song in ages. i was just messing about with my guitar while it was tuned 1 step down then i made that rythm part pretty quickly then decided to make a drum loop to go along with it. after that i just messed about and ended up just making a short tapping solo. im glad you checked that out and liked it
anymore people? remember to leave your links and i will crit a song or two for you