I just bought some generic spray lacuer from home depot. Would this work to finish my guitar?
im inthe middle of doin it - the main problem is it does not get rock hard. or so ive heard- a week and a half after spraying in 90-110 degree weather in a paint booth in the sun and i can dent it with my finger nail

plus any heat amakes it bubble- as in aim soldering and its bubling the finish due to excess heat
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so that's a negative? what should i use?

The most popular here in the forum is Duplicolor car spraypaint. The ones with the extra $$$ use Nitrocellulose from ReRanch and I think StewMac also has them. I've also used Krylon for grins and it came out pretty nice and it's half the price of Duplicolor.

As long as you use the primer/sealer, color coat, and clearcoat, from the same family/brand, you should be fine. Also, get acrylic instead of enamel. I haven't seen anybody recommend enamel over acrylic.

Good Luck!