Never been a big fan of the low end Ibanezes with the exception of the Artcore series. It depends on your playing style, but the Artcore semi-hollows enter that range, and are nice guitars, in my opinion.

^And yeah, Epiphone makes all the other good stuff in that range.
Epiphone or OLP.
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i think the guitar youve been looking at is good, RGs are good in my opinion but as it was said the 321 is part of the lower end range ! i like the 370 and the 350's aswel ! ive tried all 3 and all were good to me
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check out a schecter omen-6. im pretty sure theyre still 299. very versitle guitar, i love it.
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RG370DX. it suits basically every genre other than classic and heavy rock

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I say go with ibanez. I've got a gax70 and it's great. I had a epiphone lp-100 for a bit and i didnt really like it. Just try both brands and see which one sounds better.

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The 350 and 370 have horrible trems, and of course they're basswood, which is preference. For a hardtail, the Wizard II neck, mahogany body, for around $280, + new pups, can't go wrong with the RG321MH.

good point ! the 321 is a good choice

i also forgot to mention schecter in my last post but its already been mentioned now ! you should consider schecter i think there good guitars for the price
Schecter Tempest Extreme
Jackson JS30RR Rhoads?
Ibanez RG321MH

Lines 6 Spider II 30watt

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hey sorry to change the subject for a second but im looking for a half-stack and a head for somewhere around 800$ I am currently looking at the marshall MG100HDFX but I dont know what do you guys thing
schecter omen 6 for your heavier stuff
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I need a new guitar
im also looking for a <300 guitar, and im considering the ibanez jetking 2s. havent gotten my hands on one yet, but just want to throw that out there--anyone have experience with the,?