hey everyone, i am looking into getting a new amp because i bought a line 6 spider II when i didnt know anything really about tones, and also the seller at the store was flaunting it so much.
i am ready to move on to a tube amp.

i play lots of music, mostly alternative/indie and prog/post rock styles i guess. i need a nice warm clean and a good distortion. i dont play metal or nu metal and i play in a band but also in my room so i need wattage that accomodates that. i played at half volume on the spider II 112 i had with almost full channel volume at band practices.

I have an Ibanez RG770DX with stock pickups.

If anyone has heard of mogwai, or explosions in the sky, well that is the sound i play most. Beautiful clean tones and good distortion when the time is right.

is the traynor YCV50 BLUE right for me? it is in my budget range and i am going to check it out in a store outside of town soon.
any other amp suggestions

i need some help, and UG'ers know what needs to be known for sure.
thanks, mike.
That is an excellent amp stock, but a Fender Hot Rod DeVille/Deluxe with an OVERDRIVE (not distortion) pedal will be far superior. I own the latter and it has beautiful Fender clean tones, and with the pedal, has amazing overdriven and distorted tones as well. I would suggest either a Visual Sounds Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive ($150) or if you are tighter on money, a Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory ($100). Many people will say the DF-7 sounds digital (and it does, through SS amps) but it sounds great and very authentic through my DeVille.

If you have any questions regarding the DeVille/Deluxe set up feel free to ask me.
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