Hey all,

I've been working on this song for a couple days now.

I've been taking in suggestions from other people tryin to make a great song. so please leave me some feed back...

and tell me what you think

EDIT: I have changed the sweeps in the solo now that I have had some free time. Take a listen to "NEW guitar symphony" and tell me what you think

Guitar Symphony.zip
NEW Guitar Symphony.zip
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I like the rhythm. Solo ends rather abruptly in my opinion. I see like one riff and thats the song... Its a good riff, but needs more.
Yeah I know... it's not in any way finished...

but I just wanted to know what you thought of the beginning..
dude, thats awsome, and the little solo part at the beginning is great (i'd put in different fingerings though cause its not a good idea to be moving all over the fret board cause you're gona get lost usually), but finish it man, i wana hear it
wow, is all i have to say, i really like the feel of it, the only thing is that like said before, the solo ends too abruptly, maybe make it fade out or something, but very nice, and thanks for the crit!
Can I ask what you mean by the solo ends too abruptly? like at the end when it ends on an E?

thanks for the crit by the way
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not anymore... you updated it.

I meant to ask that to Schecter86 .. but thanks though.
It's definatly not the best on here but it's decent. The second solo doesn't seem to work in some places. The sweeps don't seem to fit either. You should use the score checker because some of the measures in the solo (first and second) seem off.
I'm not sure what the score checker is... but I'll give it a try

and you're right.. I just wanted to add the sweeps in there to feel sweet haha!
well, before you updated it, it ended on a D on the high E string, and what i meant was it left me hanging, like the solo hit an ascending part and then stopped, i wanted more, lol, thats all but i just listened to your updated version and its really awesome, imo, it doesnt end abruptly any more, lol. . .
i love everything except the solos that go up and down, it's just really exciting for the moderate melody
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I edited my first post with a new edition of the song I havn't even gotten a name for it yet though ...
i think that this piece needs a bit more work if it is to be a guitar "symphony". just keep working at it.
haha ohh don't let the title of it throw you off

I'll name it.. 6stringlad takes names too seriously.
That was very well done, i really liked the change made @ bar 18 to a heavier verse riff. The only thing i thought sounded off was the run up the neck at the very end of the song, it just didnt seem to flow too good. Other than that tho, great work!
Listening to it right now.....

The solo guitar doesn't finish measure six. You need another half a beat. Then in measure 7 you need another 16th. Another beat in measure 8 and nine. Half a beat in 10. You're over by half a beat in measure 11. Under by a 16th in measure 30, under by 3 16th's in 31. Under by a 16th.

And you need to put measures in the last line.

But other than that, it sounded solid. =)

If you don't mind to, I'd appreciate some crit. =)
It was pretty good. Though, there were some places that went out of scale, it didn't really sound too good. I think instead of the 14 on the B string, use the 13. The sweeps at the end don't really fit in my opinion. The solo was pretty sweet. Overall, I'd say... 8.1/10. Crit my song? It's in the sig.
Wow Dude That Song Rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Should Pat Urself On The Back Man That Song ****ing Rocks
the 32nd notes at measure 11 sounded wierd to me (in the solo) and i didnt like the way it ended with those 32nd notes, it sounded like you were building up to something but you werent, try to end it with a slower lick or something, maybe?

other then those 2 things i loved it d('.'d).