At first I was dissapointed that it wasnt a brutal deathcore song, becaue the name reminds me of the band Despised Icon.

I liked everything up until the tempo change. Its just the lead that kills it for me for some reason. Even though im pretty sure i cant play that.
I dident like the end of the song and the Arpeggio's got on my nervs but an...odd one im not sure if i liked it or not expand a lil more than let me hear. It could really be somthing cool.
i think the lead was probably the best part, its a little random for me, and the ending was a little weird, with those 64th notes, but anyways, i liked it none the less, it was a good change for my ears, lol, but crit mine if you get a chance, its just an idea, Remains of the Night, or any of the other ones in my sig, thanks!!!