ok is there anything i can do to help it easier to play solos...bends, pull offs , doin loads of stuff fast that isnt harsh to my fingers. they have callouses but they still get sore and my finger tips now look like they have been burned in an inferno with white bumps, red...omg!
Try not playing for a day, and letting your callouses harden, then it should be fine.

And also, try not to post the same thread twice, and next time post it in the electric guiatr forum.
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EVH used to put super glue on his finger tips so they wouldn't split open. That is no longer necessary. I'm sure you get a product that helps to have rougher tips. call up MF and ask for the same. I'm sorry I dont have the name of the product but my teach used to tell me that its available.

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try not to let your fingers get to wrinkly in the shower and resist the urge to pick at them when the skin starts pealing