I play some metal, some nu metal, some alternative, some stuff like beatles, and other stuff and Im really in need of an All Around Guitar. Im willing to buy 2 guitars if need be, but I really dont wanna spend too much. Any Suggestions?
It's hard to go from metal to the beatles without a change in guitar. Strats are very versatile though, but not quite metal. Les Pauls might be too much for Beatles-esque stuff on the other hand, and a semi might not be enough for metal either. 2 guitars might be better. Get an Ibanez AS83 semi (£300UK, so probably $300), and then a metal guitar of your choice, as I don't do metal really.
^ ^Horrible trem on the RG3xx series. Stay away from those, if you need a trem, go with an Ibanez S470, it has HSH pup configuration, so you'll be able to get clean tones as well as metal, pending you have a good amp. Probably one of the best, most versatile guitars in that price range. Mahogany body, ZR Trem, Wizard II neck, slim body, HSH for $500.
O a ibanez S series as someone above me said.
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schecter c1 plus, humbucker and single coil, awsome guitar, have one
id go for a les paul. i can do anything from blues, to jazz, to metal, to classic rock very easily and mines only a crappy epi
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Im gunna get flamed for this, mainly because everyone on this site is extremely ignorant.
But because you want all around versatility, I have the PERFECT guitar for you.

The Master Series Squier Esprit

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It will take almost your maximum budget because its rather expensive, but worth every penny. The Duncan Designed pickups arent the real deal duncans but they still are a huge step up from most factory stock ones. The guitar is absolutly great for things like blues, jazz and classic rock.. and it pulls off metalesque with grade A quality.

If you arent worried about the ignorant assholes who look at the brand name and auto label it as "****" than this guitar sounds like its perfect for ya. Yes I probably sound like a fanboi, but I really believe that this guitars quality should be recognized by more than there is out there

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ibanez S470. it's the perfect all arounder, everything from blues to classic rock to metal.
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get a les paul, mine does all genres it is a very well roundede instrument, but the Strat you can't go wrong with either
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yeh just saw that, didnt see it before. hmmmm guess ts you can only buy one guitar instead of 2 so i guess the s470 or C1 artist gets my vote
epi les paul
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Id go for a Shecter C1 or better yet, if you can handle the extra $150, get a Gibson Les Paul Menace, youll never buy another guitar again.
Im seein a lot of Les Pauls... and I kinda hate les pauls. I could give it a try for music sake.
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schecter c1 classic IMO i think its good for everything and its 699
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I need a new guitar
Gibson SG FTW

Just kidding I think a Schecter would be good for you maybe a C1 Classic.
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he wanted an "all-around" guitar