ok im totally pissed with this crap amp. i wish i knew more when i bought it

ok so today i went to go and play on it right, and i turn it on, the chords already in my amop and the guitar, but no sounds

So i take out the guitar and see if i can get any noise or interfearance w/e.
so i change my patch chord an plug it into the amp and the guitar

so i donno its pissing me off iv only had this thing for like 8 months now
my chords arnt dead cuz i went and checked them out on a friends amp today
and they worked

so when i dont have a chord in the input of the amp you get the "whitenoise" or feedback or w/e you want to call it

So im thinking, could this be an input issue? and if so what can I do about it cuz the place i bought it from doesnt open until wendsday

Thansk guys please help me out
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