I don't want to swap out my current neck pickup for the pickup req.d for a Fernandez sustainer....but could i simply add the pickup in addition to the 2 buckers i have right now? im thinking about putting the single coil one in between the neck and bridge

could this be done? is it a good idea? should i put in the fernandez bucker vs the single coil?
i think it's meant to be set up in the neck position, but if you felt like routing it you could do it.
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well naturally id get a pro to do it or at least help me with it but i mean would it still work as well? if not would how much worse would it be?
well im a noob when it comes to sustainers but i would expect it to work just fine, but it would work better in the neck position where its intended.
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If you search ProjectGuitar.com in the forum section there is a HUGE thread in DIY sustainers. There has been alot of research & testing in that forum about this. If you read the entire thread (yeah right!) they pretty much all agree that the neck position is where the sustainer is strongest. It's positioned where it is easier to vibrate the strings (at the neck) If you put it in the middle position, it's closer to the bridge and therefore cannot vibrate the strings as easily.

You could do it, but you'd need more power, and might throw off the electromagnetic fields, thus dampening your strings or causing some sort of distortion (I believe).

I know theres a guy on here (his PG name is PSW, i don't know his UG name) who maintains the thread over there who could chime in and tell you more of you're interested.
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