Me and a few guys are starting up a band and we've had a few jams etc. I need a decent garage amp. My 15w Crate practice amp just isnt cutting it lol. I'd prefer a tube amp, since they have better distortion. Needs to be good for metal but have decent cleans too. Im not a tone freak, but i'd like it to have a decent/pretty good sound to it.
I'm looking for used so it's cheaper . And before you start saying "just go to the music store and check some out! *****". The nearest music store to me is an hout and a half away. I have 400-500$ (Canadian) to spend.

BTW. I found a Trayor YCV40 and I know that has the cleans and the power i need but i hear the distortion is pretty crappy so would a boss md-2 do it some good?

quick n0000b q.

how much different does a pedal sound throught different amps?

Thanks guys and gals.
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The Peavy XXX 40watt combo maybe? Im not sure how much it would ost though...

But a heavy OD pedal through a not band gain amp should do the trick. And the pedals sound different through different amps depending on their tone.
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Yeah I think the XXX is out of my price range but ill look it up thanks,
any other suggestions?
I would browse eBay a bit and look for some deals. A Traynor should do fine with the right kind of settings and the right pedal *cough* Maxon OD *cough*. Or Tubescreamer if you want.