I'd say Elixirs because they don't rust easily and I love there sound.
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GHS 11's is were it's at
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I use DR hi-beams, best strings I've tried so far. Last long and have a great sound.
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D'Addario they sound good and dont break easy also they're cheep.
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Earnie Ball because they're the only ones I've ever used.
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I've tried DRs, Ernie Balls, D'Addarios, and GHSs, and I like the D'Addarios sound the best, plus they're the cheapest.
i like DR hi-voltage .9-.50 the dimebag set cus of the gauges and the sound and fell of them
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I have tried Ernie Ball Slinky's and they were damn tight and not very playable. I love my D'addario XL's though . They rust easily by the bridge, though. But a new set will make your balls drop all over again.
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