Hey, I was fretting up this neck and I had to pull one of the frets out because it was too small, then when I put it back in, the glue had dried.

So far Ive tried:
Gutting it with a razor
Shoving the soldering iron in there
Heating up a flathead screwdriver to melt it
Broke off a piece of a coping saw blade to chop it up

Anybody else got any better ideas?
That neck looks like its seen better days, but yeah, just hold a hairdryer or something like that over it, it should melt, my band teacher does that to melt the glue that gets on the drum heads.
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Alright... And yes this whole guitar has seen better days, thats why Im in the process of refinishing it.

EDIT: that didnt work... I left it on for around 5 minutes on high blowing on the glue probably a centimeter away, took it off and tried cutting it with a razor and it was still hard as a rock.

Looks like theres gunna be an archtop body on ebay soon.
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Krazy glue is not the sort of glue you should be using for a refret. It looks like your going to have to use something like stewmacs Refret Saw.

Why didn't you cut the frets so the would cover the width of the fretboard, you may now have problems with the strings sliding of the frets when playing.

Edit: Put some acetone or nail polish remover on the glue and try to scrape it out.
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I cant use a saw because its got binding that I dont wanna touch.

The strings falling off the frets? I put a thinner nut on there so I would have to worry about them falling off the fretboard.

Nail polish wont help but I did finish it.

I ground down the bottom of it shorter then clamped and glued it, its not really a smart solution but this guitar is going to be a wall-piece, not really for playing.
oh ok then. btw the refret saw would have been fine with the binding.

It's strange the nail polish remover or acetone didn't work. krazy glue says they will soften the glue.

It's good you found a solution.
Yes you shouldn't cut the binding.

This is the sa i'm talking about. Dosen't matter now though.

I believe StewMac has some type of Krazy Glue disolver. It's worth a try and even if it doesn't work on the guitar it's good to keep around the house.

Edit: Here you go
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Most likely it will come off because i used the hairdryer to remove epoxy(superglue on steroids).
Did you try nail polish or nail polish REMOVER?

Also, why the hell are you using Krazy Glue for the frets, and not some kind of wood glue?

And most of all...

What's the point of having a guitar that you don't intend to play?
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