Hi just wanted to share my live performace with you guys.....
Comments and Tips are needed ...

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Drums and Bass were sequenced on Fruity Loops!

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Too many pinch's in there for me. Other than that, it was pretty awesome. Very nice song, and would probably be great with vocals. Almost sounds like Metallica.
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It was good bye all means. But the problem with most preformances like this, is they arent lively, its boring to watch. Try being more enthusastic and engergetic when u play
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This isn't my style of music but I do think you did a pretty good job. I agree with some of the people that said you didnt seem too into it but maybe nerves were getting the better of you. Your playing was pretty solid too. Good work.
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Cool dude, but take it to the Riffs & Recordings section
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good job man, my favorite part is the trippy weird scales tapping part from 2:20 to about 2:57. good job man. after only hearing talk about tone all the time and seeing kids with PRS's that cant even play its good to know some people can actually play good
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nice, its wierd hearing metal-ish riffs come out of a strat

YEA LOL and a MEXICAN one ...

Now you must have been familiar to the style of music i play which includes some bluesy hendrixy style too. so please recommend a guitar for me which suits my style.
Budget 600$-800$
"Music is essentially useless, as life is"

Jackson DKMG
Roland Cube60
POD xt live
thats it