oh energizer battery
why is it that you stare at me?
with your shiny skin and fancy label
looking up from the dinner table

where have you been and what have you done?
or has your life only just begun?
are you old and deserve to be trashed?
or should you be put into my game boy so i can button mash

oh energizer battery
what the hell is wrong with me?
i can't decide
i'm so confused
are you new or are you used?

what is your purpose here in this place?
to give life
or to take up space?

maybe i'm lucky, maybe you're new
you're going in my game boy, to power pikachu
maybe i'll be a pokemon master
oh wait, you're dead
what a bastard

i think i'm going to call it - "Ode to Energizer"

cute? i've never heard one of my songs described as 'cute' before
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lol i like it, it's cute
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