K i was thinkin bout gettin Some emg-85 in my guitar but.....my guitar is an agathis body and im not so sure about getting the pickups now because ive heard some bad things. if i dont get the emg's can any one recomend some other pickups for a good metal tone. and if i do get the emg's would it just be retarded?

and yes i searched before posting but coudnt find an answer.
yeah they should be fine; agathis is a really bright wood and 85's are very dark sounding so it should be ok... you would be better off with a mahogany bodied guitar though.
agathis is crap, any guitar with an agathis body is not worth a pickup upgrade.
the only thing you can do with agathis guitars is use them as fire wood
wood makes a huge difference, and personally, i would prefer mahogany, but there's nothing TOTALLY wrong with agathis

i bet you're one of those people who can't tell much of a difference, but just goes along with what everyone else says about it

and so tell me, what's SPECIFICALLY wrong with agathis?

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Go ahead and make the change, see what it sounds like, maybe you'll dig it. If not, you can always pull those pickups out when you upgrade to a different guitar.
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It doesn't really matter TOO much with EMGs since they negate about 90% of the tone from the wood anyways. Go for it.
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