Eh so Im not really sure waht genre to classify them. So would blues rock hit the type because already their one song "Cmon Cmon" really doestn fit into their other songs in the album.
oh yeah to support my idea, songs like rock and roll nurse, lack of communication, and ect sound really grimmy and blues. or am i wrong? they're jsut influenced by blues.
I wouldn't say you could call it blues. More Indie-rock, and some of it sounds slightly grungy to me, but what does that matter? All that matters is that the songs I've heard of theirs are great, and seeing them live was amazing.

You might get more replies if this was moved to alt and indie??
I think it'll get more replies in Alt and Indie too, and also in the Garage rock discussion thread.

I like them alot, they're a band with lots of energy, with catchy, good songs. And that just makes me like them.
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Its just regular indie-rock IMO.

Great band though, havent heard much by them in ages!
I personally prefer their second album, but I think that the publicity conjured by their bout with Jack White, the leader of indie rock, has brought them a status of publicity that they may soon regret. This is a classic, predictable tale. They've got two songs that charted in British territory and only one in the U.S. If anything, the Bondies are only going to enjoy that hit, "C'mon C'mon." They're most likely going to become the T-Rex and Marc Bolan band of their generation... A disgustingly underrated band. Independent bands are big and these guys are going to be one of those bands time will simply forget. Pawn Shoppe Heart is definitely worth buying, whether by means of CD, or, download. However, it shall be as Electric Warrior was to Marc Bolan. Their second record and their only charting record in the U.S. Their Detroit stardom shall be their only light in the spotlight.
finally i found the The Von Bondies thread.

Awsome lo-fi band, got really obsessed with their alternative/punk blues sound. I really like their 2 albums, but not really their last ep. I don't really think people will ever forget them, or at least indie rockers. If they were one of those "regular" bands, they weren't even lasted to a 2nd album.