Has anyone heard of these guitars? My friend is thinking of buying one but I told him to wait because Ive never heard of the company. So has anyone played these?
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I just saw a line of them in a MusiciansFriend magazine. They look crazy, man. I've never played with 'em so I'll quit talking now.
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wow i think those look pretty cool...dont know anything about them though sorry
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dont know much about them but id be waried of the wood choice since its a bit unconventional and not to mention a bit weird
heard of them but that's it, never tried them.
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i've heard they're really good, but i've been wondering the same thing. i'm planning on getting a new guitar soon (soon being in like four or five months) and the RKS waves are right in my price range. they're pretty sexy if you ask me, but i want to know more about them first.
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