Which brand of guitar is most suitable for the shred style? I hear Jacksons have really low action, but I can't stand the way they look. I found one or two on MF that didn't look horrible and weren't too cheap, but I'd really like not to have to just settle. Any recommendations?
try shecters. personally i think jacksons look awesome. theres alot of different body styles
^^ those and ESPs

ibanez if you want more of a prog metal sound

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.....If Fender DID buy out Jackson, Im quitting guitar and music. Would hate to see the same model of a jackson, the Jackocaster, sold every year with little or no change.
Shredding is usually associated with Ibanez, ESP, and Jackson guitars.

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Fender with a scalloped. Pretty much any thin necked guitar with/without scalloped neck can be used for shred, but fenders, ibanez, and jacksons are most commonly assoited with shredm, IMO.
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well, ibanez have thin necks (most dont like the "thinness"), Jackson relate to ibanez, but i perfer jackson over ibanez. but in my opinion they both shred well.

I shred nicely on my standard les paul.

(have you checked out a RHoads V?, they look sweet, and they shred amazingly)
i have a dean razorback and it shreds very good and its easie uper fret access
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Actions can be adjusted. The thing that you'd need to see when looking out for best guitar for shredding is the neck-build. Theoretically, you'd want a thin and fast neck, also equipped with jumbo frets. But it still depends on your preference, whether you like it thin or medium, finished or un-finished, you gotta try one out. Companies which stress on this build are, yes, Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, Dean, and whole lot more, some are even from outside US, like Tagima.
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