Anyone else love this? It's possibly the best movie soundtrack of all time imo.

*cranks "I just can't wait to be king"*

Note: I'm actually straight, I swear.

Dude, I fucking love the soundtrack. I listen to it alllll the time. Circle of life and Can you feel the love tonight are my personal faves.
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lol our class has to sing a medley of the songs for vocal ensemble and I guess its alright considering it is a disney movie soundtrack.
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...considering it is a disney movie soundtrack.

Disney soundtracks kick ass! Aladdin is another one of my personal favs.

"I can show you the world...etc"


Disney movies are going in cycles though...make 1 badass movie...make 3 crappy remakes of other Disney classics...make 1 more badass film.

Like Alaadin, good soundtrack. The Nightmare Before Christmas (still Disney) is the greatest though.
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^yeah The Nightmare Before Christmas has an excellent soundtrack. I love the 'what's this?' song.

Arabian niiiights like Arabian daaays. Hot ****.

WTF that song is from Aladdin. I'm dumb.

Nothing will top the 1-2-3 knock-out combo of Colors Of The Wind, Savages, and Just Around The Riverbend from Pocahontas. You better recognize!


Who else's favorite part of the movie is the opening sequence where they hold little baby Simba up? Baby lions are so ****ing cute, I can't even handle it. Especially ones in Disney cartoons.
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Yeah great soundtrack, another awesome one is the Hercule's one
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