I recently purchased the necessary equipment to connect my guitar to the "Mic In" socket of my computer, and direct recording is now finally possible. However, all that is produced is a clean, but murky, tone. Although virtual amps and effects are available, I'd still be interested in using a real guitar pedal in the process. I have the guitar connected to a pedal, which is then connected to the computer, but turning it on does nothing to the sound. Is it possible to use a real guitar pedal when recording?
I run my effects pedal in to my amp, which I then run from the direct out/headphone out in to my computer's mic port. The only thing you really have to be careful of is levels when distorted, as it will send a pretty hot signal. Check out my sig to hear the kind of sounds I get out of it (including some extreme clipping in cases).
My effects pedal is now working. However, latency is presenting a problem. Is it true that using a multi-track recorder erases latency issues? Also, are multi-track recorders able to be used with a computer and software? e.g., record into the hardware, and then export the audio to the computer in MP3 or WAV form into an audio editing program.