TJ Flickinger - Fly Groove.mp3

No....this isn't a rap song!

There's a story behind it that's kinda funny, and I'll elaborate if anyone wants to know where I got the title from.

I wanted to do something kinda Satch/ZZ Top with this song. I'd had the original groove for it for a long time, but it was always kind of a warm-up piece and something I would play before gigs.

So out of nowhere, it kind of hit me to actually do something with it.

To date, this is probably the best guitar solo work I've done. The solo section was done with two guitars, and I did it mainly to show a student I was teaching the difference between tones in different guitars and pickup choices.

The first part of the solo is my Tex-Mex Strat using the neck pup. The 2nd half was done on my old Kramer Beretta. You can definitely hear the difference between the two, which is kind of what I was going for.

This song ended up as a featured song at Wholenote.com which I was fairly proud of. It isn't real easy to get them to post up one of your tunes because so many people put in entries.

In closing, this song was an absolute blast to play and record. There's something about the key of "B" that just sets me off.
Cool song. It looks like your planning worked out, I was instantly reminded of Joe Satriani; the song gave off a "Summer Song" vibe. I haven't really listened to ZZ Top, so I can't comment on that. The guitar harmonies were really well done and your phrases are fantastic. Also, that main riff is just killer, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun with it. My favorite part is the guitar section at around 2:18. I love the little things like that; it adds a lot to the song.

Overall, the playing had a very nice vocal quality to it, and the various sections seemed to be well thought-out but, at the same time, laid back. Congrats on getting featured. After listening to the song, it was easy to understand why.


The one problem I have with my recording of this is that there is some clipping going on in parts. I recorded the kick drum a little too hot and didn't realize it until later because I got lazy with it.

I've got a good friend of mine who works in a studio in Nashville who is going to help me out a bit with the recording process when I re-record everything. This song will be one that will be re-done.

The cool thing is that he's going to walk me through some stuff I'm confused on step-by-step. None of the songs I have up are in stereo, and that was due to limited digital disk space with which to use because I was using a horrible multitracker by Boss.

I bought a Zoom multitrack about a year ago and I'm real happy with it. I'm anxious to see how this tune will sound with stereo drums and some guitar parts split up.