How's it going guys. Been a long time troller around here and finally I'm sacking it up and starting another "what do I need to do" thread.

So here's my dillema. I picked up guitar about 3 years ago halfway through my junior year in HS. At that time my friends who had been playing instruments and the whatnot were starting to get their acts together and started playing in bands and the whatnot in the local scene here and managed to get pretty good at what they do. I managed to get away from most of the scene kid trash because they all seemed like douche bags in general and more concerned about how good their crew was looking in the pit then the music that they were dancing to.

Meanwhile I've sat in my room and trucked through for the past 3 1/2 years getting better slowly, but not at your typical i could play the entire solo from (insert metallica song here) after 6 months!!!111!! type crap.

I just never had the chance to play with my friends because they were generally being douche bags because they were in a band and make better music or something, and my **** sounded "gutter" according to the douche bag guitarist in their band at the time. Big deal I got over it and kept playing in my room.

Anyways my friends that play instruments are usually "too busy" or "too tired" or "have to practice later," whenever the "you wanna play guitar later" question comes up. I'm no retard and I know what bull****ting is, I know I suck horribly when it comes to playing with people, but the question is how do you get better at jamming with people when people won't jam with you?

Basically I was being a ****ing retard about certain things and never learned any scales/theory anything (truthfully up until a couple weeks ago I called harmonized guitar parts "that metal sound") So anyways this kid I know teaches me the minor pentatonic scale about 4 months ago and I went nuts from there. I learned the major pentatonic scale and basically it seems like my improvisational abilities have shot through the roof, to me at least.

So i took up playing with a metronome and I'm starting to work on my rythm a lot and im playing the maj/minor pentatonic scales like a madman and have gotten to the point where I can rip through them at a pretty decent speed, and I can pick em up when im listening to music now, at least allman brothers songs

So here's where the can of worms gets opened up. I bought this book about a year ago called "Everything about guitar scales" and never used it. So i picked it up today and finally decided to stop reading it and play along with it, and there's like ****ing 2000 god damned scales in there, thrown in with a couple theory lessons that make absolutely no sense to me. Where should I start with all this stuff? I feel like I've gotten in way over my head, but I really want to learn this mess to actually write music thats not trash and goes futher than the crappy powerchords i've stuck with for the last couple of years.

Basically am I going about this the right way? I seriously want to play some not so ****ty music, but not the crap thats got so much soloing that it sounds like ****. Y'know good ****ing music. But I'm tired of my friends bull****ting me because they seem to have it pinned in their heads that I'm always going to suck, and they are always going to be better. I know how people get big headed about crap because they're better at something, its human nature. I'm just looking for a way to get out of that than "dude seriously there's better guitarists" and into the "hey he's not as bad as we thought" It's a god damned quagmire I'm in, and I'm sure someone here has gotten through a rut like this before sooo...

Any ideas?
i had a problem with flakes, then i said **** you all and just played and played and played and stopped looking for people, just focus on getting better, then eventually you'll meet someone classy enough to actually give you a try, and tell you friends to suck your dick (what kind of friends are they anyway?)
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those really dont seem to be friends... anyways, just learning a few scales is going to help your playing and improv greatly, and eventually you'll meet some REAL friends who you can jam with. till then, just keep up the practice, and you'll get there
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im stuck in a similar rut. i don't know what kind of truck made your rut, but im farily sure mine was from the '06 dodge ram. i hate dodges.

on a more serious note, im kind of stuck in my musical progress as well. i would say it could be from a lack of professional training, although i have progressed very far on my own this summer.

as for joining/starting a band tho, i would say im in your situation. a real good friend of mine plays drums, and we jam quite a bit, but he doesnt have "time" to start a band. now this guy obviously has a music career in his future (phenomonal drummer), so i dont know wtf he is talking about no time for a new band.

which is why im moving on to different musicians.

see you get some guys who simply dont have the same dreams as you do. this drummer, he wants to be like his dad, be in a successful band, yet his father always has more time for his family. by the sounds of it you have the dream, get in a band, play gigs all over, get laid in every country on earth. well maybe what you want is on a smaller scale, play the bars, enjoy making music. see that, right there, is the thing. we all have diferent goals. if you want a band, you need to set your goals, meet new musicians, and flat out tell them your goals, and work from there.

the best musicians can be in the same room and not form a band due to different goals.

so you need to get out there. put up some posters. find the music crowd in your area, the more mature ones, not the showoffs from school. if you are serious, you need a serious crowd.

about your scales, as i said i am fully self taught. occasionally i'll pick up a book like you got, run through it, learn a couple of tricks, but i really can't help you in that area, so i hope you have found enough advice in the rest of my post
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^ pretty much what i was gonna say too, try just putting on some of your favourite music, and IMPROVISING along with it. do not write something over it. also try to get a hold of some stuff like just blank drum tracks, and try to just go with the feel and make up a groove with it.
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