I was actually intending on getting myself an Ibanez RG370DX until I was looking through a Guitar Center booklet and noticed this Guitar Center exclusive Ibanez stock with EMG's. I have a funny feeling they used crappy pickups and had EMG put their name on it to sell. Would I be better of with the 370DX or the RG2EX1?
well the RG370 has "crappy" pickups and a crappy trem system, whereas the RG2E has just "crappy" pickups. words in quotes are many peoples opinion on them. i liked the feel of the RG2s i've played. 'course most good RGs play about the same when properly set up.
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get the RG2EX1, it doesnt have the crappy trem. just replace the pups and youll be fine. both guitars have a basswood body and a maple wizard II neck, so the tone is the same.
does it have real EMGs or EMG Select pickups but yeh get the GC exclusive the 370 has a real **** ass trem
TS, get a RG3EX1, same features + mahogany body.
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Let's see...definitely prettier than the RG2's and if it actually DOES have a mahogany body, which I've heard go great with EMG's(?) I think I'll take the RG3.
Sorry to double post but I really want to know: does it or does it not have a mahogany body? I've read in some places that it's basswood and in some that it's mahogany and on the official site, or the alternative Ibanez site that actually has some info on it, it doesn't say.