Sooo i need a new amp. And my friend said that his friend is sellin a peavey xxx 40 Watt combo for 500 dollars. Good deal??? It's practically new. I REALLY need a new amp. Should i try and convince my parents to go for it??? I've got the money, it's whether they'll let me spend it Anywho i've been wonderin, its 40 Watts all tube, which will equal how many watts compared to a solid state?? And i do know that they sound better when cranked
Why dont you try it out first?? and from what i understand 40 all tube watts are pretty loud
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Hell yeah thats a good amp, my freind has the same one.

Its actually not all that loud despite being a tube amp, i'd look into either a Shur SM-57, PA, and speakers...or an extension cabinet. I found that it sounded the best with the volume knob at about 12:00, the effects sound good...no need for reverb, tremolo, chorus pedals. I hated the footswitch, it was kinda confusing and it was kinda cheap.
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$500 for a XXX is a pretty good deal. It's not my favorite amp, but still pretty good. What kind of music are you playing? If it's metal than you picked a good amp, if not than look elsewhere. The cleans are allright, nothing special, but the distortion channel is the shining point of the amp.

Tube amps sound roughly 2.5X louder than solid state. So I'd say somewhere around 90 Watts SS. You really don't need anything louder than 40 Watts unless you're doing gigs.
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