Hey guys,
I am new to the bass. I play guitar mostly but figured that bass would be fun to play and learn as a second instrument. I just got this (http://www.rondomusic.net/vebltd.html) and opened it today. From what I see it is perfect and no finish flaws or anything. The tuners felt a bit tight to turn but I may just be used to guitar tuners. So I am now thinking about getting a bass amp. I wan't something that will be fine for playing at home and that could use to gig if needed. I won't be using it to gig currently, but i would like to be careful and not buy an amp and then replace it soon. I was looking at Behringers. They make a lot of higher powered amps for less. How would those sound for now? I can honestly say I don't have an ear for bass tone at all. Guitar tone is another story. What would you guys recommend?
Behringers are really hit-or miss, if you can get to a guitar center, see if you can get a warrenty.

They are pretty good if you just wanna play around the house or play at small "clubs".

Kudos for the SX as well
I have to say that I don't know much about bass amps, but, I do know about Behringer quality. I would not reccomend them to anyone. It's been my experience that they are of poor quality. My friends at Guitar Center second that opinion.
Peaveys are about the best there is for a small budget, but if you can go bigger, there's Ampeg, Ashdown (probbally the best.), Hartke, and alot more. I use a Peavey basic 112 and it's pretty awesome. I've never had trouble with it and I've had it for over a yr.
Maybe a Laney Combo? my RB3 is great for small gigs or bedroom practice.
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Maybe a Laney Combo? my RB3 is great for small gigs or bedroom practice.

How many watts would that be? How many would I need to gig with? Guitar would be using 100 SS watts at most.
SWR's are pretty loud compared to many amps of the same size. I also recommend Laney amps. Pretty good value and pretty nice sounding. Better than Behringer at least.

60w should (should, no guarantee) get you by in a gigging situation if it's mic'd into the PA, your drummer isn't a skinbashing nutcase and your guitarists don't have the urge to turn up to 11.

So with a vaguely sensible band, you'll pull through but you'll want something more... I don't feel comfortable with less than 100w.
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I just got offerered a Ampeg BA115 100 watt for $300US. Should I save and get this?
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I just got offerered a Ampeg BA115 100 watt for $300US. Should I save and get this?

Most people who own it on the forum say it's a dissapointing amp, you get the 'ampeg' sound and nothing else. i'd look at ashdowns if i were you.

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I don't like Ashdown's, i'd go for a Laney if your on a budget and your looking for quality.
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