ok so i've been playing guitar for a couple of years now, and i'm getting tired of most of the guitar pro files on my computer. what are some really fun and moderately easy songs to play for guitar?

i'd like to say i'm an intermediate player at least... i can't shred or anything, but i'm decent enough. i like classic rock mostly, and classic metal (ie roots of metal: zep, purple, sabbath, etc). probably the fastest thing i can play right now is fade to black... or highway star which i sometimes struggle with.

so, any suggestions for me? (oh, and if this has been done before let me know and point me to where i can find it)

songs i like to play: comfortably numb, time, money, sth, livin lovin maid, whole lotta love, helter skelter, sabbath bloody sabbath, national acrobat, highway star, space truckin--i think you guys get the picture
crossroads by cream. awesome stuff i learnt it when i had been playing for about a year, good song to learn.i always like playing in my time of dying by led zep, but i dont know if u like the slide stuff.
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yeah i've tried crazy train, i learned the basic parts of the song (didnt bother with the fills and most of the solo.. just the tapping part at the beginning haha). i may revisit it though, sinc ei havent played it in a while. thanks for the suggestions so far
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crossroads by cream.

Hmm... Mabbeh a BIT difficult?

Try some Alice Cooper! Good fun! Trash! Spark in the Dark!
Black Star and Blitzkrieg - Yngwie Malmsteen
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