Pinch Harmonics: listen to ozzy. Or anything where zakk wylde is playing... The Screech is a pinch harmonic.

Sweep Picking: The Intro to Alaska by Between The Buried And Me Is a great example.

Natural harmonics are what you get when you stick your finger on the string above the 12th (or other) fret.

Pinch harmonics are hard to explain, but easy to notice. Listen to Cowboys From Hell by Pantera, the solos are full of them, they're all squealy and cool. To produce them takes practice, but the basic concept is playing the string with both the pick AND your thumb at the same time, thus creating a mix of natural harmonics, and the original note.

Try fretting the 12th fret on the G string and doing it. Change where you're picking as well for different sounds.

Other recommended listening for Pinch harmonics:

Smashing Pumpkins - Gish
Black Label Society
Ozzy Osbourne
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also something not mentioned which took me forever to figure it out (well for me)

pinch harmonics

you need to find a sweet spot to hear them for me its right by my middle single coil maybe dif for you but yeah they come clear in a certain spot where you pick
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Pinch harmonics are probably the coolest thing you can do to a rock solo.

I've become so proficient with them that I can pull one off whenever wherever I want. So they may be hard to learn but the are totally worth the effort.


You just gotta keep at them to get the "sweet spot" on the string where they sound the best.
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Sometimes when I fart, it sounds like a 10th fret G string pinch harmonic. Only sometimes.
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I found a different way of doing it. You pick in the sweet spot but then with your ring finger (3rd) on the picking hand then pluck towards your body about an inch closer towards the bridge than the pick.
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