i've always just used combo amps, and i pretty much don't know jack about tube amp heads to cabs, so i was wondering...

how loud will a 5 watt all-tube class A head get when run through a 4x12 cab?
i was lookin at that new epi valve junior head, mainly due to price. i just started college, and money is tight. was also lookin at buyin either a 4x12 cab, or a 2x12 cab. not sure yet. please help, i need all the advice i an get, lookin to keep things under 500 dollarsUS.
ok just to tell you, this is the basic instinct to get a head and cab as cheap as you can, but let me tell you some things

the head is tiny, probly about a cubic foot
i wouldnt use the head with anything more than a 1x12 or 2x10
ONLY volume control, not versatle at all

If you really want a halfstack, i would look for one on craigslist or ebay, something used local, or you could get a crate or randall solid slate halfstack for around that
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^^x2 what the hell does the physical size of the cab have to do with it? what the hell are you talking about?

i've been lookin at 2x12 cabs as well.

versatility is not an issue, i have plenty of proccessing, EQs, and effects.

i had a warrantied return through MF, so now i'm gettin store credit, therefore i can't go ebay;

dude, crate and solid state are ****, why the hell are you recommending that fodder?


how ****in loud will it get?
A 5 watt tube amp through a 4x12 can be enough to do smaller gigs with, i have a 5 watt hand wired amp that i built from www.ax84.com and it works really well. Randall halfstacks are okay, but if you want like 100 watts solid state, then i'd have to go with a carvin sx combo. Their really nice and sound pretty great to.
A 5 watt tube amp is actually pretty damn loud...it would be a good choice for a some small gigs. Personally, I think this amps sounds great with a 412 cab.
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