Hey everybody. This is my first post so don't start flamin the noob. Anyway, I've been lurkin for the past few months and finally decided to join.

What I was wondering was do you look at your picking hand or your fretting hand the most when you play? For me it is my picking hand. For some reason my left hand (I'm right handed) has way more coordination as far as playing the guitar goes. Maybe fretting ,or whatever you wanna call it, is easier than picking cleanly? Your thoughts.
I usually watch my fretting hand. Although, I'll sometimes watch my picking hand if I'm having trouble with an alternate picking pattern. But, fretting hand if I'm just playing something I'm comfortable with.

To be honest, I think most people watch their fretting hand.
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hm, yeah i watch my fretting hand mostly, but for fingerpicking i watch my right hand because it feels good that i can do it hahahah. kinda lame, but whatever.
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The more I think about it though, I think I do look at my fretting hand more...now. I think I just looked at my picking hand in the first few months I started playing. I don't know what I was thinking. Long day, sorry.
Yeah I watch the fretting hand. If picking technique is particularly difficult, then I usually work that out well before I work out the accompanying fretwork. While I am focused on the frets, my picking hand is still in peripheral sight. This is only for the more challening stuff though....otherwise I am fine looking off at my amp or something.
Usually when I play I look at my fretting hand.

The only times I really ever looked at my picking hand are when I'm learning a new song and am trying to get the picking right.

Otherwise, I look at my fretting hand and will maybe glance at my picking hand to I don't end up staring entirely at my fretting hand and consequently space out.
I personally look at my fretting hand when playing. I once read somewhere that you shouldn't get into the habit of constantly watching your picking hand because it will slow you down as you progress further when learning harder things. But if you want my advice mainly look at your fretting hand but keep checking on your picking hand as well to make sure your in the right postition and that your not making simple mistakes.
I look at my fretting hand when I'm playing but if I'm trying to figgure out a hard alternate pattern I watch my picking hand.
well, i see everybody said almost the same thing, so ill join...yea, i also look at ma frettin hand,never picking, i look at the paper(if i dont rememba da words, chords) n frets...although i always look at ma picking hand when i fingerpick......but i think its totally normal wht you do, you have to play as you want aslong as you feel comfortable n music sounds right...yea?
n with time, learn how 2 play your songs by heart so you wont have to look on fretts or picking hand
it depends what im playing, if its a riff which has pretty weird picking patterns i'll study my picking hand to make sure im doing the right strokes, and vice versa for the fretting......But if im playing a riff with all downstrokes and string skipping etc ill just watching my picking hand as it looks uber cool
fretting hand but most of the time i don't see what i'm playing because it's better for ear training.
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i have 2 eyes and 2 hands, i look at both! i guess i look at whichever needs more focus at the time, which usually is the fretting hand. but when i started out it was always my picking hand. either that or i stare at the floor between my feet and get both in my perifrial vision, but dont focus on either.
I switch alot depending on what I play. But the majority of the time I look at my left, fretting, hand or at neither of them. I sometimes feel I play ever better when not focusing your eyes on anything particular.
Fretting hand mostly, unless I am playing something like the chords in Fade to Black, I usually just look at my picking hand until I get used to it in that case.
I switch around, sometimes, I look at my fretting hand, then, I'll check on my picking hand for a split second, then back to fretting hand. But when im reading music, im looking at neither .
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After I've learnt a song, i try not to look at my hands at all while I play it. Though, I do glance down everyone now and then to make sure I'm barre the next chord at the correct fret.

When I first learn a song, I look at my picking hand. This is especially true if the song is not based ypon common chords. I usually know my chord shapes well so I don't have to double check them while playing.
mostly fretting hand...it varies though

for example, i watch my picking hand when i'm working on an exercise strictly for picking, and watch my left hand while working on a legato exercise
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It switches a lot depending if the tune is more difficult for picking or fretting. If I'm used to reading it as sheet music, I sometimes just stare blankly.
I wonder if you gain the skill to look at both with a separate eye.

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i watch inbetween so i can see both in my paripherals (?). but if im showing off i dont look and just smile at the girl
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