So I've had this amp, (Crate GFX-15) for almost 8 years. Since I first started playing guitar. Recently, its taking to cutting out randomly then cutting back in. Often times making that annoying scratching sound as it does this. I'm wondering if it's because of the amp, or maybe my input jack on my guitar is just loose. I can't figure out a decent way of telling which is which. So I guess I need help on two things. A. Do I trash my amp and get a new one? and B. How do I figure out what it is that is causing my sound to cut out?
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I have a crate I think it's a similar model and it does the same damned thing I've only had it for a few months and I'm having a hard time contacting them regarding the warrenty

but anyway I'd try to get it looked at or invest in a better amp

and **** crate, I like their amps but they aren't very reliable
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You totally deserve a new one man. 8 Years and no amp upgrades?

Save up some cash and treat yourself to a new amp. What kind of music do you play?
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Get some electronic contact cleaner and clean the volume pot first, then replace the jack. Parts and cleaner are cheap.
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A lot of the time the input jack comes loose, but this usually doesn't result in that crack, unless the chords/joins to the input are damaged. Screw the input back in as best you can without wrecking anything. There is a nut on the inside of the guitar to tighten it. Sometimes the chord is the issue as well, so try it with a couple chords (hopefully including one you know works) and see if that's it. Sometimes there is rust or dirt or whatever in the input of the guitar/amp. A quick fix for this that works well is to roll up a bit of sandpaper and just lightly turn it inside the input to clean it out. Otherwise, try using contact cleaner on the volume/tone pots. Usually taking it to a guitar shop is cheap and they'll figure it out real quick.
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