how much do u thinkit would cost to get either a blue voodoo or peavey xxx head used or new? also a good cab too
300 for a blue voodoo used

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i play a epi les paul custom and i'm probably gonna throw emgs in it and i am gonna get a jackson rr3, i play alot of metal, mostly alot of pantera and metallica type stuff but i do make my way around the ridiculously numerous genres of metal
ya you can get a used 5150 combo for 500 and a halfstack for 1000
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i really like the xxx because i was at a show last night and my buddys band has 2 guitarists, one plays a 5150 and the other used a xxx and the xxx is what got my attention more, i forgot what it felt like to **** myself lol
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anyone else no any tube stacks that are good?

tube stacks. depends how much you want to spend.

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anything by VHT

the list could go on and on