What is the song that Alexi Laiho and the other guitarist from COB redid of Vivaldi?

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summer, presto

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Vivaldi Four Seasons
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And, just a FYI: they play it at 140 or 144 bpm. Most violin versions you'll find are presto.
Children of Bodom doing Vivaldi.... does it get any better?
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ALexi Laiho plays it in a young guitar instruction video I think (passage to the reaper or something like that).
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i want that video now, even though i've heard most instructional vids are of little help
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I believe you are thinking of Vivaldi The Four Seasons.
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summer, presto


I learned it actually. It's awesome. Vivaldi kicks ass.
the CoB version is called Passage to the Reaper, powertabs on this site.
Youtube covers