uhh you need a good amp for that, but compression might help a little bit.
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I don't know of any good pedals for that but Teles and strats have that kind of sound
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I have a boss ME-50 it has a compression section at the top with 2 knobs one says sustain the other says level. ill try to play with it tonight any advice or help is appreciated. and thanks fot the replys.
Try compression, but a new amp would make so much of a difference.
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a nice valve amp will give the nicest cleans, also possibly some compression.....and maybe a dash of chorus for spice lol
what do u have for a guitar/amp?
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chorus/reverb perhaps
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Fender tube amps with teles have a nice twang. Look for a second hand champ or twin of some sort. I think the champs and pro reverbs have a nicer twang than the twins to be honest.

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