If this is in the wrong forum I appologise. I just couldnt really put it in true punk as it involves GD and putting a Sex Pistols topic in 'Pop Punk and Emo' is just wrong.

My friend and I have been arguing who has sold the most CDs/Records, Green Day or Sex Pistols. I think Green Day, he Thinks Sex Pistols (and lets not start a bashfest here, I am in no way suggesting Green Day compare to SP).

So could someone please give me an answer, and maybe some figures on how many each band has sold.

Thanks alot.
Lets look at the most popular album (arguably) by the Sex Pistols- "Never Mind The Bollocks Heres The Sex Pistols" 1977

Never Mind the Bollocks reached #1 on the official U.K. album chart, but, in the U.S., it peaked at just #106 on the Billboard album chart.

Now Green Days Most arguably popular- "American Idiot" 2004

The album was Green Day's second best-selling after thier major-label debut, Dookie. As of August, 2006 it trails Dookie by 2 million copies worldwide, with 13 million copies sold worldwide, and Dookie at a secure 15 million.

Now Green Day Not even arguably has sold more records. I just dont have evidence of it clearly stated. I strongly dislike Green Day still however.
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GD, i think but WIKI will always help you settle a debate.
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I am really sure that it's Green Day who has sold the most. First of all, they have just way more albums out there + their lattest album was a really succes, really mainstream. Sex Pistols only got like 1 (or 2?) albums.
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Thankyou both for the help. I couldnt find anything on wiki though.

Edit: apart from that Green Day has sold 54.3 million worldwide.