I am doing a research assingment on Hot for Teacher by Van Halen and i am struggling to work out what key it is in. There is no key signiture so i presume that this means it is in C major or A minor. I was also curious as to what scales Eddie bases his tapping solos and main guitar solo around...

Any help would be appreciated
hmmm the tab im look ing at is copyrighted by 1983 Van Halen Music Company

ok well if there is no key signature, does it at leat tell you how many flats or sharps? second what are the first few progressions? as in what notes?
No there is no indication as to the number of sharps/flats...there are accidentals all over the piece though. I looked at a few powertabs and used the tonality tool and there was no clear indication what key it suited most. I am led to believe that it is actually in a major as that is the chord that it ends on and begins/concludes most of the progressions in the song.
eddie plays some crazy stuff ive heard he cant read music sometimes i believe it
ibanez rocks
The main riffs are A minor with the inclusion of a chromatic b5 chord, Eb, to create a gritty, bluesy sound. The solo is in F#m. The little riff at the beginning before the main riff is also in F#m.
^yes that's it

just curious, this "research assignment": is it for a class?

I wish I had been in classes where the homework was Van Halen